Goodbye Google?

page-cannot-be-displayedSo what would happen if Google failed? Has anyone given this any thought? Imagine a world without Google and you will see a starkly different Internet. The loss of YouTube alone would cause the lose of thousands of countless jobs, revenue, taxes for countries, and really great video like cats jumping into fish tanks and countless car chase videos. The ad revenue that is coming from those little pop-ups, insertion commercials for Tide, and the phrase “What’s in Your Wallet? from Capital One, is staggering. Who or what is causing Google to slide into oblivion? You guessed it, Apple. Now I know what you going to say, Android is ten times better than iOS. That’s not what the article is about. Its about castrating search technology. Like in that movie when the good guy is talking crap about how they cheated death and then WHAM!! that tail from the dragon swings around and spears him through the chest. Ensign Google is wearing a Red shirt on the Internet away team and doesn’t know what that means. What is causing this amazing backdoor move? a smoke screen. Exactly the technology integrated into the Safari Browsers. Apple has sold 351,345,000 phones worldwide since Q3 of 2007. That means that the population of the United States either has an iPhone, handed down an iPhone to a child or relative, sold it to someone on eBay or another auction site. Think about that for a second. The whole population of the United States. Wow. Of course these are worldwide numbers, and not everyone in the United States has a phone, but Apple has sold that many. With the number of repair shops and screen fix it sites, even Best Buy fixes glass screens and Radio Shack you can imagine the staying power of the first and latest iPhones that still exist having been fixed or never broke. Now thats not including iPads, iPad minis, iPod Touches, iMacs, MacBooks, and all the windows users that have converted to using the Safari browser to link up their favorites and bookmarks that they have on there iOS devices. The cohesive Apple Universe has grown to staggering proportions and in one technological update of iOS6, Apple threw the Ace of Spades on the proverbial poker table and called Internet autonomy. This one move is causing the lights to slowly, painfully, go out at Google. It’s so slow in fact, it’s giving others competitors with unique forms of data gathering and mining room to move in, and take some thunder away from the once almighty Google. Haters can hate, but data doesn’t lie. As a famous stats guy once said, “In god we trust, all else bring data.”

iPhones have been given a leg up in the battle for phone superiority since day one. Steve Jobs made sure the micro-footprint of the phone didn’t falter performance, or quality. Made with the best parts on the planet, strong frame, aluminum milled parts, the iPhone is considered a great looking albeit premium priced that is valued and retains that value for that matter. It’s the difference between getting a Lexus and a Nissan. Yes, Samsung makes a great phone, but it’s still plastic. The first iPhones were aluminum and ABS plastic. Plastic so strong its used underground for water pressure. Gorilla Glass that exceeds strength testing over any other glass is a mainstay. It was groundbreaking and truly something of a work of art from the minds of Jony and Jobs.

So where is Google going? Well the road signs say down. Apple has configured a way to ignore the revenue system that is at the heart of Google. The only reason Google makes a profit is people pay Google to show the world their ads. With out that revenue stream Google will lose marketshare. If anyone finds out about this, especially large advertisement firms, and companies, then the shift to mobile is clear. What if Apple used its Universe power not to tell you where to find something like Google does, but to actually show you in a way that is available right now on your phone. What would you pay for that? You’re near a restaurant, it’s 6PM, Siri arranged for reservations for your family with timers to hold spots nearby, then tells you. What would you pay for that ease? Not waiting for you to search, but it knows through patterns that you are driving home from work, the house heating warms the house, and preps the lighting for home. Oh that’s already here.

Partner traffic is going dark because Apple is blocking the revenue sharing system that allows clicks to add up. WIthout it, companies will stop investing in Google Ads. This will ripple, and without an intervention, something is going to change. This is also happening now. Brutal wars are on the horizon. Two modern Goliath’s are going to meet on the playground and it’s going to get interesting.

MBA Student For Sale -Part 1

Some translations don't always work!

Some translations don’t always work!

That title made me chuckle. It’s indicative of an MBA students life to anticipate finding a job that is lucrative and sustaining, but is that really the only purpose of an MBA? I think not. An MBA is just another tool in your curriculum vitae of life. It doesn’t just give you the key to the C-Suite, but prepares you for what you need to learn in order to work inside the C-Suite. There is a big difference there if you analyze those two statements. One, its not a master key, its a master degree. Two, you are not ready for the immediate demand that an executive may make look easy. Little do you know that that executive you envy has been knocked around, knocked down, belittled, ridiculed, and even ostracized in front of his peers, employees, and executive staff at one time or another. (Worse if your a Marketing executive) This should not dissuade you from wanting to get to the top as it is paved with many golden rules, and degrees. What an MBA can do is give you the knowledge that is lacking in corporate governance from an ethical and cultural perspective that makes great business thrive. Companies like Mars, Virgin Galactic, and Chipotle know the secret to corporate success by encouraging there staff to better educate themselves. It is still up to the MBA student to use this tool that he or she has spent countless, sleepless hours worrying and studying for.

Harvard is not the best degree in the world. I know many Harvard alums and they all say the same thing. Its Harvard! I say: Yeah, so what? Many people I spoke to in foreign governments around the world, lament about how new Ivy League students don’t have a clue about how business is done outside of America. This is true because many students are looking for a job in a major American metropolitan area, scoring that great gig at large banks and firms. They are not looking to go help a foreign start-up see if they can break into America’s market or help South Korea’s Hyundai thrive in Europe against Mercedes. It’s just not something an American MBA student thinks of. Many talented students are out there, but are not prepared for what lies ahead. Are you ready? Have your traveled to a country to work with companies before your graduated? Did you intern in China, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil, India or any of the other top growing economies in the world? If you didn’t, your not done with learning. It can affect you later on.

Many companies fail to enter foreign markets because they don’t understand the culture in those countries or they fail to partner with companies that already have significant market share there. Send someone that is not experienced to negotiate and you’re going to ruin that first impression. Stay tuned for more!

Windows 8 is just Windows…

Well with all the hoopla that Redmond would have us believe. All the hype, all the screenshots. I must admit they had me fooled. I thought my Windows was gone. Thank you Microsoft, for leaving the Window wide open!! It’s nice to be back home because the Metro

 Windows 8 System Settings

Windows 8 System Settings

(call it what you want) interface is not as productive for the buisness PC user, as it is for a Surface user. It’s certainly not as elegant a solution as OSX’s Launchpad. Microsoft should have given people a choice before forcing a default tablet interface in place of the start menu. I am sure many a CIO cursed Microsoft, but I am here to tell everyone it’s all for not. Yes, you can certainly have back the corporate desktop environment. It’s just being snarky and hidden. Behold! The goodness, pay no attention to the Window behind the mask… move along…move along…these are not the icons you are looking for! I was able to get to the desktop fairly simple because the basic mechanics of Aero’s interface from Windows 7 is still the same. You can access the programs from a start menu. You can install the same Windows enhancements such as Roboform, and browser add-ons. You can even stick your My Computer to your new Start (Metro) interface (see below).

Desktop and Start Menu without the button!

It’s interesting why they didn’t choose to replace all the underpinnings with a more secure model. All your files and command prompts are available for the buggering by viruses. It’s as secure than Windows x.x. My favorite options are adding the normal desktop options to the new Desktop Start page as seen in the screenshots. Now its not only cool that you can now customize your new Windows 8 experience, but you can still access the Control Panel, install IIS 8 maybe, access the Administrator Tools, some very wicked new tools in the Control Panel, and even the Task Manager is cooler. All in all its shaping up to be a great Friday! Take a look at some of the screenshots. To get to this interface, launch the desktop from your Start Page, Open Internet Explorer, In the address field, type C:\Windows\Explorer.exe hit enter, choose Run from the security prompt and you are back in the back office of windows. The corner hotspots still work. It’s all smoke and mirrors magic! Check out more images.

[imagebrowser id=3]

Verizon wins for best iPhone construction…

I really need to spin this off in to its own business. I tore down an AT&T iPhone4 in about 10 minutes the other day. It was rather easy after about 5 times. I can fix any part that breaks in any iPhone. That’s pretty cool really. Inside the iPhones, for those that have never done this before, is a land of miniaturization that rivals the best computers on the planet. The design of the inside of the iPhone4 is an art form. I must admit I am impressed. I must also say that contrary to what has been written before about he differences between an AT&T iPhone4 and a Verizon iPhone4; it is indeed different. The Verizon iPhone4 is put together much better underneath the monozygotic exterior because inside it really is a dizygotic interior. The screw locations are arranged differently, more solid, and reinforced on the Verizon, and the vibration motor does not rely on the ancient “off-balance motor concept vibrator” so famously put in items such as pagers, used on remote cars, and are just smaller versions of their toothbrush and vibrator cousins. (I had to put that in there… its funny, but true.) The motherboards are different and constructed differently inside the phone. The camera is connected better, lots of tension springs to create a snug environment. The speaker has better acoustic sound ports, the circuit boards are actually braced. About twice as many screws are used in the Verizon iPhone4 as the AT&T iPhone. I have taken both of them apart to repair the glass screens, LCD’s, and replace batteries; side by side it was much easier to take apart the AT&T version, than the Verizon. So… there you have it, the Verizon iPhone4 is better built. I said it. I let the cat out of the bag! Now the glass is also different on the iPhone4 than on the 3G and 3GS, but I will save that for another posting.

With over 300mil iOS devices annually…

Doing something about it should be lucrative. Hmmm… Startup??

New iOS app coming soon and Holiday Cheer!

We are in the process of creating a simple interactive ABC book for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch platforms. Original artwork is being created by hand which will be imported into Photoshop to create the interactive pieces for publishing with Kwiksher a very good rapid development tool for App Store apps. I am hoping for a submission to Apple by March so let’s keep our fingers crossed. If this all goes well, we are going to followup with a Russian and Spanish version.

Keeping in with this creative theme topic, the holidays are just around the corner. I would like to share with you a favorite dish we have served in our household for many decades. My late aunt Carolyn passed this little recipe on to me one Thanskgiving at her house. It’s stuffed celery but with an added item that I have never found in most dishes.

  • Several Bushels of Celery (adjust for qty)
  • 3 Boxes of Philly Creme Cheese. (make sure its Philly, it tastes better)
  • 1 half a jar of sliced Spanish Olives (with or without pimientos(love em))
  • Christopher Ranch chopped garlic, or Garlic Powder(chopped adds more crunch and flavor)
  • and the magic ingredient!! 3 tablespoons (or dollops in our family) of butter (NOT MARGARINE, YUCK!)
  • Mix all this together and spread onto your 3 inch sliced pieces of celery. Then chill for about an hour in the fridge till ready to serve to your guests.

Make plenty of these gems. They are great before, during, and days after the holiday meals. We often end up eating these from extra mixture in the fridge. The mixture will keep for several weeks sealed just like butter and cream cheese would. My aunt would love it if you made them for your family, then gave them all the recipe. It’s a tradition in our world to hand down recipes and information to our youth and fellow earthlings. I know I remember many times getting to spend wonderful moments of time with aunts and uncles. I am thankful for that time we spent. I hope everyone this holiday season can spend time with their favorite family member and build lifelong memories that you will cherish forever.

Happy Thanksgiving

… its been awhile

dog with head out the window

Time flies when you enjoying the ride.

Wow, the past few months have been a rush of time. Like sticking your head out of the car and feeling the wind blow your worries away. Many things have happened since I last posted on my blog. I bought, then remodeled a home, and I lost weight (15lbs and counting). In the world, a new iPhone was released, Steve Jobs died, all in the same week. iOS 5 was also released.  9/11 was celebrated with the finished Memorial Park in New York, and today October 20, 2011, the Libya dictator Muammar Gaddafi was killed. It was with such fanfare that has been going on in the world, as the U.S has struggled along with Europe to contain a rather large financial crisis that seems to be so interlocked its causing a slid of titanic proportions that many are not aware of what is really going on. I will not bore you with Macroeconomics, but lets just say its very bad and the U.S. is unable to push it faster away from their shores. 

On the technology front, I saw today the amazing and sexy Lytro camera. This camera has taken digital cameras and turned it on its ear. The ability to capture an image and refocus any part of the image is an amazing feature not to mention the 11 mega rays of light it captures to create amazing low light photos instantly with no worry about shutter speed or hesitation. At $399 fo the 8GB version you can take approximately 350 images. Check out the amazing gallery of photos  to see for yourself.  I am trying to get my hands on one of these beauties to take it through its paces. This camera can only get bigger, badder, and better as time goes on. Soon, I am sure they will be making seriously long 250mm versions for sports photography.

Many more items are coming to a post soon such as the Squareup Device and what it means for small businesses, Tax time, and maybe a movie review or two… stay tuned… and sorry for being gone for so long…

IOS 5 beta for 1st gen iPad… er slow

When iOS 5 was released last week, I was eager to load up my trusting developer iPad and take it for a spin. It was beautiful. I will say that I got rid of it after a day and happily went back to version 4.33. I took iOS 5 beta off because it was slooow on my 1st gen iPad. I mean wow slow and after restarting a few times it kept crashing apps. A testing buddy also experienced the same slowwy-goodness, but still is enjoying it not wanting to take it off just yet. Apps Crash! For those of you who don’t understand what an app crash on the iPad involves its rather painless. The app just quits, or goes to the background. If you double click on the command button you can see it still running in the background, but it just shut down. I love my iPad and go everywhere with it so don’t accuse me of being a hater, but I am not a fan-boy either. I’m just an avid Apple user that expects a great product to work consistently.

I realize that iOS is a beta product and yes, I can confirm it is really a beta product. Very few applications ran well on my first gen iPad with this iOS. I have the 64GB 3G model. It normally runs great and I look forward to the next iteration of the iOS 5 versions, but this is a huge slowness that hampers the running of products. Certain websites that are intensive with HTML5 elements just drop like flies, whole pages don’t load in the new Safari. The greatest part of iOS5 that worked without fail was the new iMessenger and the Alert system. Wow, what a great upgrade of those to systems. I was able to add outside email addresses and after a rather long 30-50 sec pause it was able to verify the address otherwise it just kicks a red exclamation up saying something to the effect of “try again!”

The new alert system works great when the unit is in lock mode, then when you want to act on an alert the lock slider is at the alert line and requests you key then goes straight to the item that was sending the alert. This feature is very convenient. The new feature that is very invasive is the slowness. If Apple can fix that then, I will go back to beta testing this next gen gem, but until then I will watch on the sidelines. Wish I could test it with an iPad 2, now that would be fun. Wait for the next beta release or brave it now. It’s really great, but slow.

iCloud is really interesting, but will get very interesting after iTunes Match gets added for testing. I will write more soon with some screenshots of the iPad iOS5 and iPhone iOS5 installation and setup. I will also cover the new iMessenger, and some pitfalls for Apples new iTunes Match… can you cheat the system finally?

Android OS will never succeed in the Enterprise…


I have worked in the computer industry a  long time, even before AOL, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Groupon, and even 90% of the current computer users and half of those 90% weren’t even born yet.  Computers were expensive, not very many features, and lacked a complete overall understanding by most people around the world.  It was a mystery box. CD-ROM drives had not been invented yet, the 3.5″ diskette ruled the day having replaced the stalwart 5″ floppy disk. The 20MB drive was all the rage at local computer shows where 50 or so computer geeks would gather to share software and scanned images found on some bulletin board(BBS) in the Netherlands. CompuServe and Prodigy ruled the BBS world with bulletin board access to leave message posted so you check the next day for an answer. It was amazing dialing in with a 1200 baud modem the size of a toaster. IBM was hyping the OS/2 operating system stating it was much more stable, faster processing, and simple to use than the leading computer OS. The problem was it was impossible to program for, it was far too complex for normal consumers who couldn’t even use an ATM, it had virtually no support in the way of add on tools, software, or an easy office software package that worked together seamlessly. The DOS/Windows PC was very new, multimedia (buzzword)  was just about to take off with the SoundBlaster card but people didn’t know what it was, how to use it, and so they proceeded to climb up the Windows hill to now.

Now jump forward several decades to today and we have a similar issue of hype.  All this hype that surrounds the Android OS. Yes, it’s open source (buzzword), capable of some quick processing, but consumer usability is not its strong point. Configurability and usability are two different monsters for consumers. There are several  types of consumers. “The Mistake Buyers” The one that heard it was what they needed so they, their family must have it.  Another  is the “Tinkering Geek” that must have the  latest bleeding edge. The “First Year PEBKAC Power-user” who “knows more than you do, belittles your 20 years of knowledge, but comes asking for help every time the computer “did something” “ I just turned it on”, yet you find every downloaded virus ever conceived on their PC. Then finally, we have the “Solid State “if it isn’t broke, don’t mess with it” Computer User”.  This is the kind of user that can listen to a computer and just know what’s wrong and fix it themselves. Which one of these computer users are going to use Android OS? Umm… none intentionally except for maybe the “First Year PEBKAC Power-user”. That person will most likely encounter it on their new shiny phone because they heard it was better than the iPhone, but soon found as I did just by counting only 1600 apps in the Marketplace (800 games, 800 applications) compared to their iPhone friend who had 350,000 apps (and counting) to choose from. This person claims there are a million android apps (count’em ).

The normal consumer is going to gravitate to the easiest, most popular computing platform, that has the most practical choices.  AOL provided an easy (single disk, then CD) way to get Windows online for a decade till the masses “learned” and at least got familiar with their ISP’s and mice. Then along came the laptop pc to take everywhere you go, then wireless, then cell phones, then smartphones, and now tablets. Android is certainly not going to find its way into the enterprise anytime in the next decade. Apple beat it to the punch. And like the PC, enterprise workers needed to expand their skills so they bought a computer like the one they had at work so they could “self-learn” to stay ahead. Now enterprises are choosing iPhones and iPads. With the massive choice of iOS versus Android OS, it’s like Windows and OS/2 all over again. The shiny new faster nimble “green” OS that is better technology or  you have the easy, friendly, “cute bird throwing game,” toting OS that has all you need now on store shelves capable of working with everything even replacing your remote control, (ahem..except flash…but who really cares now that YouTube supports HTML5). But hey! I hear there’s an App for that!

SharePoint 2010 is really a game changer…

After spending a week in training at ISInc in Sacramento, CA, I realized that Microsoft has really been working on listening to Administrators around the world that use their product. Some of the features I found in my training were straight out of the “WTF manual” floating around in most Admins heads. If you don’t know what the WTF manual is ask an admin. Basically, I found many features that normally make you jump around from system to system encompassed in SharePoint.  For instance:

  • Search. I am not talking about just any search but even the basic search allows you to catalog, index, filter and sort data, documents, and photos in pleasing order. The photo pages are well created right out of the box on par with WordPress and the NexGEN Gallery. I was very much pleased with what I was working with.

Database management. Wow what can I say. You can replicate Databases, create, then deduplicate Farms, cluster, and manage your databases inside SharePoint. This was amazing. I know some people are saying, “So What? we could do this in 2007!” Well yes but not as easy as this.

Domain Names – Yes you can internally manage DNS fairly easy inside Sharepoint for your domain structure even creating A records and issuing certificates for a domain if you are using Windows Server 2008 R2. Mind you this is internal Intranet based DNS fulfillment. I am not talking so much in a public domain enviroment but it can do a lot their too but we didn’t to work with that aspect of the product.

Performance Point Services – OMG, this is cool stuff. Take an Excel spreadsheet and upload it into a Site Collection. Then start connecting it and outside databases together to form KPI’s ( Key Performance Indicators) and Graphs, Dashboards, and some incredible displays of shared data all in one view. Its an executives dream come true. And its doesnt take any programming to accomplish this. None! Not years of developers but 30 min tops! I Love it. They call this magic Insight. It allows RESTful processes to occur (Representational State Transfer). This means when an Excel spreadsheet loaded in the system is changed, Excel is then updated on every property (Server Farm, Sharepoint Site in a comapny domain, data integrated, Dashboard, EVERYTHING!!!) simultaneously in real-time! Oh by the way… WITH NO PROGRAMMING!!! Its awesome.

SharePoint is white hot. Collaboration suites are white hot. My fingers are on fire because I have seen the light…again Amen!! more to come….