Something different…

I usually write about technology, but I felt compelled to share something I really enjoy and that is music. Anyone that knows me knows that I am infatuated with music. I collect vinyl records, by the hundreds,buying 20 at a time, when I visit some old record store. My favorite of course is Armadillo Records in Davis, CA. They always have a great selection. I just finished listening to the new Aerosmith CD titled, Music from Another Dimension, on Spotify. It is really good. It’s a mix of old and new styles with that ripping good rock-n-roll sound, Tyler and company are known for. My second favorite track on the album is called Another Last Goodbye. After so many decades of making great music, it always surprises me when an artist brings me back. They take you on a great trip through their current mind. I love listening to a CD or record, from track 1 to the end. Usually the artist arranged the songs in a particular order. It’s that artistic endeavor that I love to hear. I want to hear what the artist had in mind for me when I bought the record. They obviously wanted me to hear each song in a particular order. Usually this means listening to the good and the bad, but this CD is great from beginning to end. several good ballads and even a couple anthems are in-store for the listener. the last track, Sunny Side of Love, is about the most familiar song on the album. When you listen to it you will know what I am talking about. It’s a great tune and happens to be my favorite.

iTunes Match can’t Match Spotify…yet

Simply put Spotify so far is the winner of the streaming music wars. Although I give it that Apples new iTunes Match service is just about ready for prime time ,and usually Apple comes out smelling like roses. But… I have to add this small bit. I enabled iTune Match on my Apple TV. Wow.. it works great. So far so good. The desktop is working as well.

I love Spotify.  I’m Swedish and Spotify is Swedish.  I love Apple.  I currently own one of every product Apple currently sells.  I find it hard to recommend a product that only half works.  Let me explain.  Apple’s iTunes Match software is based around the premise that you purchase music from the Apple, you own any music that you have on your hard drive, or currently from the CDs that you’ve purchased, honestly or physically own, you can then store up to 25,000 songs in the iCloud(doesn’t count against storage).  All this excitement can be yours for a paltry $24.99 a year.  It sounds like a bargain because really its not unless you are some pirate, or a ripping, crazy person who legitimately has 25,000 songs or about 2800 CDs (avg. 9 songs a CD).  Although, I do know a guy who has over 5000 CDs, many of which are stored inside boxes in his garage.  He is selling them now on Discogs and making a grand fortune, but we’re not all that lucky to have seen the future 10 years ago and started purchasing CDs for .25 cents at AM-PM bargain bins.  Alas, here we are today uploading our music that iTunes Match cannot find 1600 songs out of 3654.  iTunes Match uploads the remaining artwork and remaining songs to music it cannot find in its online catalog.  So let’s shimmy over to the Facebook/ Zuckerberg/Sean Parker/ Spotify camp co-owned by Sean Zuckerberg (typo??).  That integration costs money…  Don’t be fooled Mark is making bucks on the deal. Spotify has been called a cloud-based Winamp (WTF?) or iTunes playlist (Vomit) please, people.. please.. pull your headphones off and listen.  Spotify is it!  It is the it that Apple should ban from the iTunes store. I can get any music now for $9.99 a month or $120 a year essentially. I don’t have to wait… it’s on it.  It’s the Netflix of music services and its hot!!. Today on iTunes, several new CDs were released and I listened to all of them for my $9.99. I didn’t have to wait to have them download, or sync, or for a transaction to purchase. I got Justin Bieber’s new Christmas album for my daughter, Wale’s Ambition, Miranda Lambert’s Four the Record, Megadeth, U2 Deluxe, all of them for $9.99 a month in my playlist.  If I was to get iTunes Match I would still have to purchase that music for the right to have it physically.  Who cares?  Life is finite and you can’t take it with you.  I take my music in my car via my iPhone, and listen at work, its streaming from my account there. It’s great!!  So where was I… oh yes the songs that iTunes Match couldn’t find.  I searched the iTunes store and found them listed there.. some of them (12) that I searched for. (i’m not going to do that because I have Spotify!)  What’s up with that Apple?  (posted later) Apple fix it… I must admit it works as promised. (posted later)